I remember back to a time when I was 15 years old at my grandparent’s farm.

At the side of one of their fields, I sat shivering on a frost-covered, cold stone, dyke wall, my body aching like I was being stabbed with a thousand tiny sharp knives.

Whilst I loved being amongst their many animals and outside in nature, there was little that could lift my mood and the feelings of despair that engulfed me.

I had already suffered from endometriosis pain for several years by this age and it felt it was too much to handle.


So the other week, I received a Google Alert into my email inbox.

It advised that under Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish Government’s First Minister, a new report is due for release this week reviewing the current medical diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis.

I welcome this wholeheartedly.

It is about time.

This report may offer a fantastic opportunity for influential figures across Scotland and UK (and beyond) to have some serious talks about how endometriosis is approached with women. After all, it is essential to promote discussions about the condition and increase the rest of society’s awareness surrounding it.


“Emotional expression releases depression” (& helps the healing journey).

Emotions can be tricky sensations but also significant indicators of past traumas and triggers.

Some emotions that many fear is feelings of anger and rage.

Anger may be defined as a strong feeling of displeasure, hostility or aggression.

And before I explain more about some of these intense emotions, I want to make it clear that it is not okay for a parent or partner to rage at you in a way that makes you burst into tears or brings up fears for your safety.

If a parent, partner or…

Licensed from Alarmy

So this week’s podcast is about highlighting the bizarre procedures that women with endometriosis are forced to go through during their endometriosis years.

In the beginning, girls turn to teenagers and assume that pain with a period is expected.

“That’s just part of being a woman dear”, your mother or granny might have mistakenly told you.

And that is what they were told and had to endure and subsequently accepted as a ‘false fact’.

The journey then begins when a woman, having endured pain for years and in some cases, decades, starts to think that perhaps this consistent pain that interferes with her life every month, is not normal.

It is a sad state of affairs that…

This week I have been working with a fantastic group of unique people preparing some exciting new material and events for next year. More will be revealed in January 2021.

However, it was not an easy decision to get here!

It has been more of a combination of years of analysis paralysis plus a petulant perfectionist.

Before I explain more, I should explain what is meant by these two phrases.

The phrase ‘analysis paralysis’, describes a situation where an individual overanalyses or overthinking a situation so much that they find no solution or take no course of action and…

Grief is not a disorder, nor a disease or a sign of weakness. It is an emotional, physical and spiritual necessity, the price you pay for love. The only cure for grief is to grieve. Earl Grollman

So it has been a few weeks since I last emailed or did my Podcast, and I am wondering how you are.

I had hoped to communicate sooner, but life has its way of taking a few twist and turns and testing my methodology about handling and embracing our emotions, that I talk about.

You see my 16-year-old Labrador Ginty passed away…

How To Step Away from Domestic Abuse & Emotional Mistreatment; Slowly, Safely and Securely.

So last few weeks were more sombre podcasts in which I attempted to explain the reality and mistreatment for some women and children behind closed doors in their own home.

While I normally like to offer a positive perspective of life by sharing all the incredible Endometriosis success stories, and be an upbeat and positive person, this subject has profoundly affected me, and many of the women I work have worked with.

So I felt that it was important to share what may be impairing…

Abuse Isn’t Always Physical

I discussed in my last podcast the sensitive subject of domestic abuse or emotional mistreatment and how few people are aware of its existence in our society in the Western world.

I believe this is the case because the word ‘abuse’ may feel such a loaded term on it’s own & it may evoke a feeling of resistance and distance for many.

As I have mentioned before, abuse isn’t just physical, and there are many other types of abuse other than the ones I listed last week.

Many types of non-physical abuse encompass the degrading…

The Secret Suffering of Unsuspecting Sensitive Souls by Poisonous Partners Behind Closed Doors.

You may have heard me mention on several podcasts now that I believe, in relation to the chronic condition Endometrosis, that it is The Five P’s Poisons (Produce, Products, Property, Past & People) all combined, that makes Endometriosis such a challenging condition to put in remission, and why the conventional medical route of pain killers, drugs and surgery may aggravate and irritate the already inflamed body.

I have touched on the subject of poisonous or toxic people and their effect on others in the past and how in some extreme cases may actually affect the physical and emotional health…

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Millions of women every year suffer from chronic pelvic pain with their monthly cycles and think that ‘it is normal’ to suffer.

Mother, grandmothers and many women from down and across the family ancestral line, may have shared from a young age, that pain with a period; “Well, that’s just part of being a woman dear”.

But it’s not.

Pain with a monthly cycle is not normal and a clear sign that something needs closer attention.

The something that needs closer attention is what I refer to as The 5 P’s (Poisons; Produce, Products, Property, Past or…

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Founder & CEO Of HealEndometriosisNaturally.com — Helping Women Put Endometriosis Condition Into Remission Through The Laidlaw Protocols.

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