Analysis Paralysis & A Perpetuating Perfectionist

I promise you that!

These people are ridiculous with the projections of their internal motivator.

That is the legacy I wish to leave behind.

But time isn’t.


I do NOT suffer a gripe or a niggle or any symptom of endometriosis or any other of the many conditions and symptoms I had before.

It is essential on this journey to always ask questions of the person you seek support.

There is no magic cure.

What works with endometriosis is systematically working with what God and nature gave us.

Identifying the toxins and poisons that come in their many forms and slowly swapping them out to let the body heal.

So this is my motive.

My motivator.

My deep motive is to share that there is ANOTHER way, other than what we are brought up and conditioned to believe about painkillers, drugs or surgery.

It was suggested to speak the script super fast and then speak it slowly and then to even sing it, and then finally, not to stop speaking the script no matter how many mistakes were made or how many words were fluffed.


So never one to be defeated, I came up with the inspired idea of downloading a teleprompter.

Maxine zoomed round like a superhero with her cape on.

The clock was ticking very loudly, and I was feeling the deadline pressure mounting.

My optimism was renewed!

It was done!

So what had changed?

My Perfectionist.

So it’s a lesson.

It helped thousands of women.

So, another reminder to embrace your emotions and parts.

So how is your Perfectionist preventing progress or causing fear?

For all the answers you seek, lie within you.

Founder & CEO Of — Helping Women Put Endometriosis Condition Into Remission Through The Laidlaw Protocols.

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