Analysis Paralysis & A Perpetuating Perfectionist

This week I have been working with a fantastic group of unique people preparing some exciting new material and events for next year. More will be revealed in January 2021.

However, it was not an easy decision to get here!

It has been more of a combination of years of analysis paralysis plus a petulant perfectionist.

Before I explain more, I should explain what is meant by these two phrases.

The phrase ‘analysis paralysis’, describes a situation where an individual overanalyses or overthinking a situation so much that they find no solution or take no course of action and thereby becomes “paralysed”, i.e. ceases to progress forward.

And let’s discuss what I mean by Perfectionism.

Perfectionism can be an admiral characteristic admired much in many people for many particular acts.

Yet if combined with other elements like overanalysis, Perfectionism can become draining, overwhelming, and spiralling downwards into fear of failure, criticism, and of course, making any form of mistake.

Like a line of dominoes falling down, that perpetuates into experiencing anxiety, sadness, feelings of inferiority and low self-esteem.

So Perfectionism in moderation can be a good thing as long as it is in balance with other parts.

But not when it develops a mind of its own and seeks no relief from the endless, “This is just not quite good enough” mantra.

So after years of analysis paralysis on many fronts, and recognising what to do when it happens (journal, meditate and take counsel), I made a brave decision to step forward and out to help more women with endometriosis globally.

Inviting external teams to assist me was a big step.



Wendy K Laidlaw |

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