Endometriosis - A New Report; Old Mythologies

So the other week, I received a Google Alert into my email inbox.

It advised that under Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish Government’s First Minister, a new report is due for release this week reviewing the current medical diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis.

I welcome this wholeheartedly.

It is about time.

This report may offer a fantastic opportunity for influential figures across Scotland and UK (and beyond) to have some serious talks about how endometriosis is approached with women. After all, it is essential to promote discussions about the condition and increase the rest of society’s awareness surrounding it.

That’s stage 1.

I will come to stage 2 later.

However, as someone who used to suffer from stage IV endometriosis for over 33 years and adenomyosis (and seven other major medical conditions), I do have one major concern.

That major concern is that this new report will follow only one singular narrative: the mainstream medical narrative of painkillers, drugs, and surgery.

If it does, then I am afraid my optimistic attitude towards this report will disperse.

I have reached out by email to the Scottish Woman’s Health Minister direct to ask for a meeting to discuss my pioneering and successful approach and be included in the report.

I have had no reply.

I also reached out to Endometriosis UK Charity in London and again asked to be included in the discussions.

Again I have had no reply.

I will keep emailing them, as you see, I have discussed many times before, the issue is that the Western medical approach is only designed to suppress symptoms of illnesses and ailments and, in this case, endometriosis.

The current antiquated



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