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I had a photo memory come up on my iPhone the other day and it prompted a really interesting step back to almost 35 years ago.

It was a memory that I had thought I had neatly filed away in a ‘Shame’ or ’Too uncomfortable to remember’ file some decades ago.

But before I explain more (have you noticed my vulnerable avoidance here!), I also want to explain why I’m sharing this.

This past week has been deeply emotional.

Deeply uncomfortable even.

To watch someone you adore, someone who is stunning in looks, strong in spirit, highly intelligent, witty and with a glorious soul, I watched them be highjacked by a piece of pond life.

This may sound a brutal and even unpleasant description of this human ‘invader’ but there really is no other word or phrase, than to say this outsider managed to manipulate and squeeze their way in under the skin and erode away this other person’s confidence, in only a matter of weeks.

Like a tape worm enters its host’s body unawares and sits devouring the food and energy and sucking that person dry of light and nutrients one day at a time.

It is still interesting to observe how certain humans, invariably the more toxic, entitled and self obsessed levels of society, operate with unsuspecting, vulnerable and innocent others.

I have worked with women with endometriosis for a long time now after putting mine into remission 8 years ago and I have come to notice a distinct pattern of behaviour in these lovely, sensitive and caring type of women.

Their personality type tends to be a woman who is open hearted, all giving, all caring and all extended out to the point of being so utterly aware of another or others, yet struggles to have her own sense of self.

Their personality type tends to be a loyal, dedicated and reliable employee, be a committed and resolute partner, the sort of partner who has the ‘die on a sword for love’ for the other, yet they don’t get that back and they don’t recognised their own value or worth…



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