Meet Esra — ANOTHER EndoBoss® Success Story

Heal Endometriosis Naturally with Wendy K Laidlaw

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Meet the wonderful Esra from Dubai (originally from Turkey) who shares her EndoBoss® Inspiring Story.

Esra was a Human Resources Manager prior to the Covid epidemic that affected everyone worldwide.

When Esra first reached out to me she was in a lot of pain at ovulation and high levels of pain at menstruation.

She also had ovarian cysts, chronic fatigue, poor sleep, bloating, bladder sensitivity, lower back pain, burning sensation in her abdomen and chest, along with an unrelenting pressure sensation in her throat.

Fortunately for Esra, her instincts directed her online to seek out another way, (other than surgery or drugs to try to manage her newly diagnosed endometriosis), so she luckily avoided any invasive surgical procedures being promoted by her gynaecologist.

Esra purchased my paperback book How I Ended My Endometriosis Naturally, read it within a few days, then reached out to apply to join the life-changing EndoBoss® Academy.

Within six months of starting the EndoBoss® Journey, Esra’s pain scores and symptoms had significantly reduced (or disappeared, much like her autoimmune disease called Sjogren syndrome), and she now has a new and compassionate relationship with her body.

As you know, from previous EndoBoss® success stories, the real healing is about the emotional journey.

By addressing what is going in, on and around the body, and the brain, (the brain/body connection) we systematically help our EndoBosses process , gently, any upsetting events from the past and/or any toxic people in their lives, as these elements may operate on a deep, subconscious level affecting one’s health.



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