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And that is what they were told and had to endure and subsequently accepted as a ‘false fact’.

Most women are totally unaware of this process they will be put on when they first make their pilgrimage to the medical machine.

Then, at some point, something inside the woman wakes up, and she has this repeated thought “But surely, there has to be another way!?”

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My granny used to say “Wendy remember ‘stranger danger’ — be aware and be awake and trust your gut instincts”.

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My new book, ‘How I Ended My Endometriosis Naturally’. The release date is the 12th March 2021.

It was nice to read that here was another genuine and caring human doctor who recognised that the painkillers, drugs and surgery are causing more harm than good, and are ultimately not helping their patients.

I hope that you will stay awake and aware of the option of taking back power and control yourself.

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‘Naturally’ is how we have been doing it as a species for millions of years.

Perhaps you can say “I am working with what God gave me and most importantly, seeking and searching the root cause(s) of my endometriosis condition, rather than going around the medical maze which is designed to function as symptom suppressors”.

They are strangers who are trained in prescribing painkillers and drugs that only suppress symptoms.

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So strangers come in many forms and many guises.

But I believe the most significant danger is passivity.

I used to trust everyone and never question anyone.

So beware of strangers.

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And move from victim to victor!

By starting to record their new insights, and trust themselves, it allows women’s own unique inner wisdom to be heard and grow as they become more connected to themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Learning to embrace emotions by increasing awareness of the people, places, and things around can actually start to benefit every cell and organ in the body.

So the message is — keep awake and aware of strangers.

The only person that knows you and your glorious body is you.

Founder & CEO Of — Helping Women Put Endometriosis Condition Into Remission Through The Laidlaw Protocols.

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