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this week’s podcast is about highlighting the bizarre procedures that women with endometriosis are forced to go through during their endometriosis years.

In the beginning, girls turn to teenagers and assume that pain with a period is expected.

“That’s just part of being a woman dear”, your mother or granny might have mistakenly told you.

And that is what they were told and had to endure and subsequently accepted as a ‘false fact’.

The journey then begins when a woman, having endured pain for years and in some cases, decades, starts to think that perhaps this consistent pain that interferes with her life every month, is not normal.

It is a sad state of affairs that women with endometriosis believe that they are meant to suffer.

That perhaps they have done some awful deed in a former life, which is their punishment in this life!

Well, that used to be my belief.

I couldn’t understand why I kept following the instructions, advice and directions of the ‘gynaecological experts’, yet kept getting progressively worse.

So, the first port of call for most women is the general medical doctor for advice. The GP’s training means that in the short 7 minutes they get allocated to speak to you (in the UK) they have to use some physic force to determine what is wrong with you.

By this stage, along with the perpetual progressive pain, and being worn down by the other elements of having the condition, a woman may have totally lost connection with her instincts and inner wisdom.

She, herself, knows not of what is happening in this body of hers.

She is scared, frightened, and unaware of when the next hit of debilitating pain will hit.

So she goes to a doctor (invariably a man who has never even had a period or knows what it is like to have one) to ask their opinion.

The general practitioners training, unbeknownst to the woman, is only pharmaceutical painkillers, and drugs.

Then the well-worn pathway referral to a specialist gynaecologist, who again, is invariably male and who is trained in only surgical procedures.

Most women are totally unaware of this process they will be put on when they first make their pilgrimage to the medical machine.

But when a woman is still on the medical machine conveyor belt and referred to the gynaecologist specialist, this is where the hamster wheel of surgery may begin.

The gynaecological specialist is a trained surgeon, so it is like going to a baker and asking him or her to fix your car.

They know nothing of vitamin and mineral deficiencies or how the body heals naturally or the many elements that a woman with endometriosis is sensitive to. That is not part of their training.

Their methodology is to put the scalpel through the skin of your abdomen and use hot searing tongs (or some robotic device) to roughly move the internal organs around to find the endometrial deposits.

That being said, I have met some incredible doctors along the way that listened to their instincts when patients kept coming back after treatment failed.

They instinctively decided to expand their knowledge wider to encompass the wealth of information that included decades of science, research and papers that validate how, for millions of years before the medical field came along (about 100 years ago), our bodies had an innate ability to heal themselves.

Yes, of course, some areas and advancements in the medical field are truly awe-inspiring from organ transplants to accident and emergency treatment.

Still, when it comes to endometriosis, it is a whole different ball game.

Most women do not think to question what is suggested or shared and what she is told.

We are conditioned from an early age to blindly listen to what the ‘stranger in a white coat with a stethoscope’ has said.

It is taken as gospel and followed without question, like the ‘good girls’ we are.

Then, at some point, something inside the woman wakes up, and she has this repeated thought “But surely, there has to be another way!?”

And then, when the medical machine doesn’t appear to be working, new trips are taken to new strangers; nutritionists, naturopaths, functional medicine doctors or homoeopaths etc.

Yet, very few of these well-meaning professionals are trained specifically in how to handle endometriosis.

They are not aware of the root causes of endometriosis. Nor do they understand it from their own personal perspective.

o, I received a Google Alert the other day about endometriosis and it made my stomach lurch and flip in disgust.

It stated that the global endometriosis market is forecast to be worth $2.4 billion dollars by 2027, and you will never guess who the top players in this market are?

Yes, you have guessed it!

The Pharma giants who promote NSAIDS, progestins, GNRH analogues and oral contraceptives.

Photo by Myriam Zilles on Unsplash

If you hadn’t been aware of it before; your endometriosis condition is big business for some.

“Follow the money is a catchphrase popularised by the 1976 film ‘All the President’s Men’, which suggests governmental corruption can be brought to light by examining money transfers between parties.

The weight and power these pharmaceutical companies have are gigantic.

These enormous companies lobby and influence Congress and parliaments around the globe, and of course, control the fresh crop of medical students coming throughout their training every year.

Once trained, those students become that ‘stranger in a white coat with a stethoscope’ programmed in one form of symptom suppression, not remission.

When I first had my eyes opened up to this, I felt sick into the pit of my stomach.

I was naive.

I had no idea of the value in my remaining ‘sick’ to the medical machine that was supposed to help me heal this endometriosis condition.

And it is not the doctors’ fault.

They are just a byproduct of their training.

My granny used to say “Wendy remember ‘stranger danger’ — be aware and be awake and trust your gut instincts”.

The Motel, Society 6

I was young and naive at the time and thought her a little too protective, but I grew up and watched the mistreatment of my mother. As a result of what she experienced herself during her endometriosis years, she would also warn me to “never trust doctors” and say “doctors bury their mistakes”.

I would come across many of my own strangers in white coats with stethoscopes who treated me as a number or a body in a bed.

Not as a person with thoughts, feelings and desires for health.

Yet in my later years, I was fortunate to meet some doctors who were ‘diamonds in the rough’.

I would meet some doctors who genuinely cared about their patients.

Doctors who would go above and beyond their training and had expanded their horizons, reading and thinking outwith the conventional medical machine. ‘Diamonds’ who cared much more about others than their own selfish desires, in their passion and purpose to guide people to full health.

These doctors were initially trained in the mainstream medical realm but expanded their brilliant minds into the real, wholesome way to approach the human body healing.

I may have mentioned that I have been working on the revised and updated 2nd Edition of my book ‘How I Ended My Endometriosis Naturally’ over the past year (due to be released Friday 12th March 2021), so I recently sent a copy of it to several amazing diamond doctors I know.

The Foreword of my book was written by the highly acclaimed Dr Sarah Myhill, a pioneer in her field.

She has had to endure the toxicity and viciousness of medical colleagues who tried to have her banned from practising because of her whole body and whole-person approach. She has helped millions of people, including me, deal with mitochondrion dysfunction and empower them with pioneering techniques that show “It is mitochondria, not hypochondria”.

I was so touched by many of the doctors’ kind comments, responses and testimonials to my 2nd edition book which I appreciated.

But it was Dr Manju (who helps women with fertility naturally) who wrote to me and said she found my book helpful and well written but “perhaps it should be shared with medical practitioners to assist them more with their patients”.

It was nice to read that here was another genuine and caring human doctor who recognised that the painkillers, drugs and surgery are causing more harm than good, and are ultimately not helping their patients.

It’s wonderful to see them accept valid, science-based information to help their patients, especially when it is from a former suffer who has put the condition into remission.

And that has always been my plan…

To help educate the various helping professionals and strangers women with endometriosis bounce around and in between on their long and winding journey to full health to try and short circuit the length of time it takes to:

a) get a diagnosis


b) know what to do to put it in remission.

Soon, I will be looking to train professionals and practitioners in my approaches, to further help, the millions of women who are misunderstood and mistreated.

However, many women may follow the pathway their Granny and Mum did without questioning it.

I hope that you will stay awake and aware of the option of taking back power and control yourself.

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

I say this because I was shocked recently to hear from one of my brilliant students, that despite her saying to her gynaecologist that she was taking my programs and that she did not want to be operated on by him, that she was receiving weekly harassing calls from his secretary pressurising her into having the surgery.

What I can only call ‘strong sales tactics’ were being used on her to try and wear her down into submission.

She was told “to have the surgery and also do it naturally’”— yet the doctor missed the point; that having the invasive surgery would likely cause more internal damage and cause side effects, and undo all the progress that had been achieved through the natural approach.

She was repeatedly told that ‘1000 women a year get treated here’ — yet when my student asked if she could have their telephone numbers to call the women and see how they were, and enquired “Why do they keep coming back then for more surgery?” she was met with deaf ears and an eery silence.

Then my student received another call from the surgeon himself. By this stage, she was anxious, angry and confused as to why this man was pressurising her so much and not respecting her decision.

Fortunately, she has such a strong sense of self now, so she journaled and meditated and took counsel from our EndoBoss Team and became centred again to follow through on her instincts and decided to do it naturally.

And by the way, natural is no ‘alternative’ treatment or alternative medicine.

‘Naturally’ is how we have been doing it as a species for millions of years.

This is not ‘woo woo’, one magic pill or hippie-like. These programs are based on protocols with a strong scientific basis, backed up by centuries of cases studies and research.

This is a whole body, whole person, mind, brain, body and spiritual approach to health.

As God intended.

So let us be clear — if you have naysayers (and they are out there in their droves) questioning why you are not using the painkillers, drugs and surgery, I suggest to, first of all, thank them for their concern.

Perhaps you can say “I am working with what God gave me and most importantly, seeking and searching the root cause(s) of my endometriosis condition, rather than going around the medical maze which is designed to function as symptom suppressors”.

The Laidlaw Protocols natural approach helps you to identify the root causes and does not believe in the benefit of symptom suppression as a procedure.

Otherwise, it is much like how you treat a weed in your garden. If you have a weed that keeps growing up through the slabs in your garden and you chop off its head off, keeps growing back, stronger and stronger. Yet if you are able to pull that weed out by its roots, it is gone forever.

Endometriosis is the same.

Establish the ‘why’, irrelevant of inheritance or DNA and ‘boom’ suddenly you are back in control and have confidence and courage that you never knew you had.

Strangers in white coats with stethoscopes are, I hope at their hearts, well-meaning but none the less, they are still strangers.

They are strangers who are trained in prescribing painkillers and drugs that only suppress symptoms.

Of course, if you have a super-sensitive body, chances are that the painkillers and drugs may cause awful side effects — to which the generous pharmaceutical industry will happily prescribe you more drugs.

Before you know it, you rattle as you walk plied full of chemically produced pills and endometriosis still raging untethered in your abdomen.

o, some dodgy ‘strangers’ made themselves known to me recently. I was recently made aware that a company of non-medical men had decided to write a book about endometriosis despite their previous writings about guitar music and mushrooms.

This recent publication of theirs, however, has outrightly copied the title of my 1st edition book and appears to have plagiarised some of its content.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Interestingly, the perpetrators did not have the courage nor conviction to the author’s name on the front cover but put a single person’s name to the book but list the author as the printing company.

I wonder if they received the Google Alert? Has it drawn out their greed? Their book does not appear to have been printed to genuinely help women with endometriosis but to try and earn money by piggybacking on the suffering of some, and the hard work and content of others who actually want to help.

Yet, my fantastic coach Christian said to me “See this as a compliment Wendy that you must be doing something right for them to be copying you”.

The proverbimitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ means that one imitates someone else because one admires that person or values what that person is doing.

But I do not feel flattered.

I feel protective.

I feel the need to keep women with endometriosis awake and aware.

Kamala Harris, the first black vice president of America who has fought for children and survivors of sexual assault and criminal organisations, says it best “I know a predator when I see one”.

Creator: Kevin Lamarque | Credit: Reuters

It is some of the women I serve that I am concerned about. Some are exhausted and struggling in pain and vulnerable. Who has suffered years of mistreatment and been fed decades of misinformation?

No woman needs these shady male characters promoting to them with the sole purpose of removing pounds and dollars from her purse.

So strangers come in many forms and many guises.

Some may be very well-meaning yet lack the more in-depth knowledge; whilst others, well, they just have their own selfish, greedy interests at heart.

You just have to look at the previous outgoing president of the United States of America. The pain, misery, abuse and distress he caused to his own people shocked and disgusted the whole world.

The silver lining is that he has brought to the surface, what was in the sewers before, what lay in the underground, poisoning the very fabric of our society, families and businesses.

This invisible toxic force was poisoning the water wells of our relationships and sense of self.

We all have a picture, a vision, a knowing, of who toxic people are now and that cannot be denied anymore.

But I believe the most significant danger is passivity.

The dictionary definition of passivity is; “the acceptance of what happens, without active response or resistance, a desire to keep the peace and appease”. To the toxic person passivity only enhances that destructive streak in them, for they have zero respect for passive people they view as ‘weak’.

Strangers of old, in the jungle or plains, were viewed with suspicion.

Strangers were not immediately welcomed with open arms and trusted above one’s own thoughts, feelings and instincts.

It bothers me that so many pernicious and wicked people without a conscience seek to jump into the ‘market of endometriosis’ with greed and seek to profit from others distress.

These humans have no shame, no morals, no value, and are just looking to cash in on others pain.

It is like the people in the UK who have been masquerading as medical practitioners and selling fake vaccines to vulnerable unsuspecting old age pensioners.

I used to trust everyone and never question anyone.

Certain religions promote this, to some degree, but without proper guidance on protecting yourself from toxic people.

My personal intent always has to save women the decades of suffering and ignorance I had. To liberate them from helplessness and see through the medical maze. To realise that it is a ‘jungle out there’ and listen to themselves above all others.

To help them realise that there are so many toxic, vindictive, individuals who would sell their granny and use her body to stand on to get to the next level.

History is littered with the horrors of the tyrants, dictators and presidents who harmed their own people without respect or regard for them. All their selfish and destructive acts carried out for their own egotistical gain.

So beware of strangers.

Photo by Tamara Gak on Unsplash

My message is, do not assume that every new stranger you meet is as nice, thoughtful, safe and kind as you are.

Wait until you have taken time to fully get to know them to see if they have a mask on falls or slips.

Don’t think just because we are centuries away from living in the wilderness and on the wide-open plains that there aren’t predators any more.

Learn to recognise the 11 types of toxic people if you can.

I’ve actually made a free handout, a visual aid, a quick fun overview of the types of people and what to look out, for so please email to get your free copy.

My biggest passion and at the core of what I do is to help women to empower themselves.

There is nothing more satisfying than watching women grow in a personal connection to their instincts and see them gain inner confidence with a new (or renewed) link to their own body.

To guide them to understand what is happening inside; and what they can do to help themselves.

And move from victim to victor!

But it is journalling ink onto paper that alerts you to what is going on. It helps to establish the cause of any unsettledness, anxiety, concern or worry.

In Jose Silva’s ‘Mind Control’ book he states that “a life insurance company conducted a report that concluded that 4 out of 5 nervous breakdowns begin, not with actual stressful events, but rather with worry.”

And also “a study at a medical clinic reported that when they analysed some of their patients, the study showed that 35% of their illnesses started with worry”.

Quite startling figures and this is where you can start to learn to embrace your emotions by increasing your awareness of the people around you benefits every cell and organ in your body.

The problem is, you perhaps don’t have the confidence yet, and that is why I lovingly created the NEW and exciting Endometriosis Naturally, Morning Wisdom Journal available on Amazon. It is one of a few books I have been working on for you over the past 12 months.

The Morning Wisdom Journal helps to gently guide women with endometriosis to write ink on paper every day for over 12 weeks.

The Morning Wisdom Journal is designed to help guide you to write and record your daily thoughts, fears, worries and feelings, along with some inspirational quotes to keep you motivated.

It also includes a daily health checker, weekly symptoms checker, emotional checker and a gratitude reminder. This journal is designed to encourage women to connect back to their inner instincts and intuition.

As women with endometriosis embark on a new EndoBoss® journey of self-discovery, this journal will help document the new connections and revelations to their bodies and emotions to help unravel the core, underlying issues of their endometriosis condition, pain and symptoms.

By starting to record their new insights, and trust themselves, it allows women’s own unique inner wisdom to be heard and grow as they become more connected to themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The journal layout and design have been structured to encourage deeper insight each week over the 400 pages for 12 weeks, with writing prompts to help instil discipline for my recommendation of a minimum of 3 pages, each day, written in the morning.

For each evening, there is a page that summarises the day, a checklist for top self-care tips, and a place to write for gratitude. This journal will accompany any woman on her new journey to help decipher any confusing emotions, feelings or physical sensations in her body. Most importantly, it will track the progress and insights along the new pathway to refer back to in future years.

The journalling and process of putting ink onto paper alert women to what is going on, in and around them and their bodies and lives. It helps to establish the cause of any unsettledness, anxiety, concern or worry.

Learning to embrace emotions by increasing awareness of the people, places, and things around can actually start to benefit every cell and organ in the body.

This journal will help to record the new EndoBoss® journey on identifying the root causes behind any endometriosis pain and symptoms, along with feelings and emotions to strengthen the connection to the body, brain and instincts — plus record the progress as it happens.

There is also weekly tips and guidance from Wendy at the beginning of each week to help keep you focused internally and emotionally to ensure progress on the new EndoBoss® Pathway to becoming an EndoBoss. Ideally used in conjunction with Heal Endometriosis Naturally book, EndoBoss® Programs and in particular, the 21 Day Unstoppable EndoBoss® Challenge, to help you write your way back to health.

So the message is — keep awake and aware of strangers.

Be them, strangers, in many forms, from your workplace to coming to fix your plumbing systems at home or strangers in white coats with stethoscopes.

The only person that knows you and your glorious body is you.

So be sure to find a quiet place every morning and strengthen that natural gift of connection to your gut instincts and write, write, write and stay aware for it could well save your life.

To your health!


Wendy K Laidlaw

Founder of

P.S. Remember the 2nd Edition of my paperback book “How I Ended My Endometriosis Naturally Without Painkillers, Drugs or Surgery” is due for release at a special price for my listeners and readers for one day only on Friday 12th March 2021.

Founder & CEO Of — Helping Women Put Endometriosis Condition Into Remission Through The Laidlaw Protocols.

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