The ‘Meaning of Mourning’ (& God Rest Our Queen)

The past few weeks have been an emotional time for many in the United Kingdom.

I guess I am generalising here, but I would say that most humans are perhaps a little guilty of dismissing or distancing themselves from their emotions (I should know as I used to be one of those people).

I used to run away as fast as I could from strong or unpleasant emotions for the basic fear ‘of feeling’ the feelings that one does not want to have.

The anticipation of overwhelm, extreme discomfort and then a numbing, is a strong reminder of why one has historically run as far away from emotions as much as one could.

Yet, on my journey, I now recognise the importance of embracing emotions.

I will talk more about some exciting developments coming into my own business at the start of next year as a result of ‘embracing my emotions’ and how in the story of Wendy, one chapter will be closing, and a brand NEW exciting one will begin (and hopefully, you will join me in this beautiful expanding family in the process).

So back to mourning.

And, more importantly, the meaning of mourning.

A few weeks ago, our dearest Queen Elizabeth II of Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales passed away at the grand old age of 96 years old.

Whilst she had ruled in her position for over 70 years, she never took retirement (which she could of done at the age of 60 years old some 36 years previously).

But what struck me most was that she never appeared to me to remotely resent her royal duties and multiple appearances. (I believe I have a keen eye for those who try to hide their real feelings).



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