The Rise of the Rage Room

“Emotional expression releases depression” (& helps the healing journey).

Emotions can be tricky sensations but also significant indicators of past traumas and triggers.

Some emotions that many fear is feelings of anger and rage.

Anger may be defined as a strong feeling of displeasure, hostility or aggression.

And before I explain more about some of these intense emotions, I want to make it clear that it is not okay for a parent or partner to rage at you in a way that makes you burst into tears or brings up fears for your safety.

If a parent, partner or someone close to you has raged at you regularly in the past, it may make you disown your anger and rage and leave you feeling ashamed even to acknowledge that feeling within yourself.

The explosive rage expressed by toxic, controlling and narcissistic people is ultimately used to control and manipulate you due to their insecurities.

But it is also a sign of emotional mistreatment and what many domestic abuse departments within police stations worldwide call ‘domestic emotional abuse’.

This is a sensitive subject to me and one to discuss further another time, but be reassured it is not okay to let someone or anyone abuse or mistreat you this way.

Do not let them explode their rage upon you or rant in such aggressive ways that you feel unsafe.

Equally, be aware this type of person may also use the ‘silent treatment’ as a form of manipulation, control, and psychological punishment.

You know when you have experienced this when they are in your company but chose to ignore you for days actively and…



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