The Secret Suffering of Unsuspecting Sensitive Souls by Poisonous Partners Behind Closed Doors.

It has been quoted that certain domestic abuse helplines saw a rise in calls by 50% and visits to their websites increased by tenfold.

There is zero excuse for abuse.

Clearly, any form of abuse is abhorrent and unacceptable but as Gabor Matte, a respected author on the biopsychosocial impact of abuse, i.e. biology, psychology and social impacts combined, says “abuse is invariably ‘homegrown’”.

As I mentioned before there is no excuse for any form of abuse ever whether it is racism, sexism or domestic abuse.

So, let us start by answering the question, “So what is abuse?”

Some people might say that “Home is where the heart is” or “Home is where I live and feel safe”.

Abuse isn’t always physical.

Here are some other lesser-known names to the various forms or names of domestic abuse:




Coercive control





At first toxic people seem to be such a fantastic person and look like someone that you had never met before but before long their real toxic and controlling selves start to show.

Toxic, abusive people are masters of manipulation and control.

So if you are struggling to get physically well and Endometriosis is stubbornly resurfacing, then there may be some toxic people mistreating you without your conscious level of awareness.

Founder & CEO Of — Helping Women Put Endometriosis Condition Into Remission Through The Laidlaw Protocols.

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